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Relationship advice for both him and her!

How to Tell if She Really Likes You

There are so many unique indicators of a girl’s interest in you on the best hookup sites. And all you need to know is where and what to look for…

A girl who is interested in you will talk about things you two will do in the future, she will borrow your stuff and will always try to find a reason to be around you or with you. She will flirt with you and she won’t even know because she will be flirting with you subconsciously because she is genuinely interested in you. Girls can be difficult to read for instance she might not be sure if you fit more as a friend or a lover in this case she will come to you for advice whenever she might come across a problem and ask you to do things for her.

Girl’s like to touch the guys they are interested in, this is most notable when you are talking to them they will tend to tap you or gently brush you on the forearms or shoulders. If a girl is really interested in you she will take the ‘get-up and go’ approach and ask you out however with the less pro-active girls (shy) they are more likely keep to eye contact only and be more likely to accept your dates if you ask them nicely. Some experts suggest that if a girl likes you – you will be able to see her pupils dilate when she looks at you (beware pupils also dilate when it’s dim). If she becomes nervous around you, fiddling and fixing up her hair – If you can spot this it’s another sure sign that she likes you.

Signs That She Likes You

  • Dating Tip #1 – She touches you or comes close to you.
  • Dating Tip #2 – She frequently SMS’s you.
  • Dating Tip #3 – She gives you her undivided attention.
  • Dating Tip #4 – She takes you along with her to another club/party/bar. Tries to impress you and/or She looks at you all over.
  • Dating Tip #5 – Holds your gaze for a moment with no words. She asks a lot of questions about you and tells you some of her secrets (hinting trust!)
  • Dating Tip #6 – She Compliments you.

There is one sure way of figuring out weather a girl is really interested in you or not – it is called Proxemics what it is basically, it’s studying how different people interact with other people in close proximity to each other for instance a small room. Basically what the study found was that if a girl likes you or is interested in you she will let you into her closer intimate personal space. If she doesn’t like you she will make an effort to keep you away!

Using Proxemics

Next time you are talking to her move into a position you are both comfortable in and while you are talking to her smoothly move an inch towards her and watch for her reaction, she will either be okay with it and permit it or she will get uncomfortable and move back to a comfortable distance from you. Simply if you make your move and she ends up not moving – she is interested if she moves back then she is NOT interested. Remember that you can use these technique with any girl just be sure to always remember to ONLY take smooth, small steps towards them and watch their reactions.

Good luck!

Approaching Girls

The key to successful dating is, knowing how to approach girls and converse with them correctly there are billions of girls out there and those billions of girls are billions of opportunities for you and if you don’t know how to approach girls or you are too shy you are missing out on a lot! Learn what you need to know to make approaching girls easier…
Firstly you must understand that girls get nervous as well as guys this is usually a sign of interest so don’t keep thinking that she will bite your head off just for saying hey or hello. The next big thing you as a person must resolve is the fear that is keeping you away from approaching girls right now! The easiest way to go about this is having a clear and positive mind set which means you won’t think of all the negative possibilities but instead you will focus on picturing everything turning out the way you want it.

Dating Tip #1 It is very important to clear your mind before you approach a girl, if you are scared of rejection you can think off all the previous successes you’ve had with other girls and continue focusing on this thought. Or as previously mentioned you can visualize how you are going to approach the girl before you do it making sure to keep the visualization positive. This will help you loosen up.

Dating Tip #2 Make eye contact with the girl you are about to initiate a conversation with because if you’ve been reading the other articles on this site you will know that the eyes are the ‘window to the soul’ good eye contact indicates interest. You can use this to figure out if she is interested in you so it works both ways. But make sure that you do not stare; you don’t want to look like an idiot.

Dating Tip #3 It is critical that you find a good topic from which you can start a light conversation, look around and see what’s going on around you – have you noticed something special, and most people probably haven’t?

Dating Tip #4 Wait for a few minutes and ask for her name once you’ve done that you can easily start to relax because you have done well, initiating contact with someone you didn’t know. A good general rule to follow is, stay away sensitive topics, ex-boyfriends, religion, and sports (unless you’re at a sports event or gym and you know she likes sport).

Dating Tip #5 You don’t want to spend too much time talking at the first time because you can loose her not physical but mentally, she will quickly loose interest in the topic and you will be risking loosing that interest she had in you at first (first impressions are important). If you’ve seen the movie Hitch – picture Will Smith when his at the bar. He approaches Eva Mendes and initiates a light chat; they talk for a couple of minutes and right at the peak of conversation, Will Smith leaves. The point of this move is to let the woman have a little peak in your treasure trove and shut it. You want to make her want MORE!

Remember it’s all about confidence, the main thing is keeping the conversation about HER ask her questions like “How’s it going”, “Got any plans”, “What are you studying”, from there you can simply branch off from those questions. For some it’s easier said then done but once you get the hang of it you’ll do well. Don’t let a little fear put you off from experiencing life.

Dating Basics for Men

An important dating tip is being able to understanding the basics when it comes to dating, this is critical! As the saying goes “you never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” that statement is true. You probably didn’t know that when meeting a girl or anyone for that matter for the first time they will judge, evaluate, and stereotype you all in the first three minutes. You have to learn to make those precious three minutes work for you…

Here are a few tips and hints on how to make those three minutes go your way.


If you can’t have a laugh then you’re more likely to be critical of others and that can lead to unnecessary conflict so be happy, be funny and enjoy life. If you can make people laugh, you will easily win her heart – never be too serious make sure to relax and have fun, laugh out loud and generally enjoy yourself this way your date will laugh with you and enjoy the evening.


Girls like a man with confidence because it shows a girls that you are in CONTROL. Confidence shows girls that you are in control of your life and anything else about you, it basically portrays you as having everything all together. Also, secretly, girls want a guy to have a little control over her as well because it shows we are the Dominant Male that all girls are seeking. You must appear to be confident in your every move don’t worry even if you are not that confident at the moment you can pretend to be to a certain extent. To appear confident all you have to do is look people in the eyes when they speak to you or when you speak to them, breathe normally and speak nice and paced (don’t talk too fast) – sounds like you know what you are talking about – you are in control.

Be In Shape

Make an effort to stay fit, you don’t have to be a marathon runner or an Olympic sprinter – simply exercise regularly to keep that waist line small. You will feel 100 times better by regularly exercising, if you had confidence problems exercising can definitely boost those confidence levels for you. You want to be able to look good, carry yourself well and have that posture that indicates what a good lover you’d be.

Grooming *Important*

First impressions mean everything; your first impressions pave the way for you in regards to having a future with a possible girl. Every girl likes to know that they are with someone who values and takes care of themselves; this is why you should put the extra effort into looking your very best. The day before the date spend time cleaning your car. Make sure to wear nice, clean clothes and don’t forget to iron your pants and shirt.

Brush, use mouthwash and don’t forget to floss! Style your hair a tiny bit but don’t over do it because radical new changes you might make for the first time might not work well for you so use a bit of styling gel or moose and don’t over do it. If you have Dandruff you must invest in some good Anti-Dandruff shampoo ASAP.

  • Clean the Wax out of your ears.
  • Trim your nails.
  • Trim your nose hair (if any are visible).
  • Moisturize your skin (hands and face).

Having the right dash of cologne is very important, as girls have an incredibly sharp sense of smell, they will often smell you before they see or even hear you! A girl’s first impression of you will always be influenced by your scent. You should invest in cologne that suits your image and personality – most importantly you should choose cologne that feels just right for you.

Respect Her

Make sure your date is totally comfortable; you don’t want your date being in an awkward position because this can ruin things for you, give her complements on things that others would miss, new hair style, her perfume or her beautiful smile – above all really listen to her. You have to admire the person you are with, show respect, make her feel good about herself this will make her want to always be around you.

Remember what you’ve learned now, the key to successful dating is making the best first impression once you’ve done that you can focus on enjoying the evening with your date.

How to Ask a Girl Out

There are some guys that have a natural way with the girls, but most of us could use some tips, even if we won’t admit it. Every guy wants to avoid being turned down. Here are some great ideas for approaching that girl and asking her out…
If you are planning on asking out the girl you really like, your mind will probably be filled with a lot of questions such as “What if she says no?” or “Am I moving to fast?” these are nothing but fears, totally natural and very common. If you really want to succeed you will need to get over these fears because they are keeping you away from experiencing the best that life has to offer. Don’t allow your life to be ruled by insecurity and doubts. If you want things to work out for you, you first need to understand how girls think. Girls don’t think like guys – guys see something for instance, a hot girl and are instantly 100% interested however girls are very different you can’t be 100% sure that she is interested in you – this is because she isn’t sure if she interested in you!
What’s the best way to ask a girl out?

Another important dating tip is to understand how crucial timing is; timing is everything in the dating world. Before you ask her out a good idea would be to ask about how her day is going and figure out what kind of mood she is in this will help create a comfortable atmosphere for both of you and ease your nerves. If her day is going great and she is in a good mood then your cards are up and you can pop in the questions, obviously if she is having a bad day and isn’t in a happy mood you should wait until another time – this is wise because asking the question at the right time is critical, you want to be asking this question when she is in a good mood. Remember to be cool and don’t joke around too much because she won’t take it seriously. Don’t be too serious either you don’t want to leave that impression especially if it is your first impression. I suggest reading this article for helpful tips and hints that can help you implement some of those ideas. The initial conversation is very important it wont matter what you talk about so long as you keep the topic light – if she likes you and you like her, whatever you say will start a decent conversation that will lead to whatever you both want. So don’t worry too much.

Don’t try to impress the girl they can easily see right through it and read those actions as a sign that you have nothing else going for you, you don’t want that!

  • Flirt and make jokes with the girl you like.
  • Express yourself.
  • When you are ready, tell her how you feel.
  • Don’t be afraid.
  • Get to know her.

Go for it!
When you are ready to ask the big question don’t beat around the bush just be straight forward she will see this and respect you and admire you confidence. Be a bit smooth, but don’t over-embellish it. Girls can easily tell if you are nervous, and depending on the girl, nervousness is sometimes seen as a turn-off. If she says “Yes” you need to have a plan in mind so have some type of schedule ready to suggest something. If she says “No” don’t be offended or shocked, take it cool and just be like “That’s cool” and continue with to conversation as if it never happened being able to simply brush off the rejection can in some cases raise her interest, so don’t loose all hope!

The biggest barrier you’ll face is the fear and insecurity so be confident, when you overcome that fear you will find asking girls out SO much easier.

What Girls Really Look for In a Guy

Think you need to be a superman to get a girlfriend? Not true. Find out what girls really want…

Girls look for guys who are themselves. The more fake you are the more they think that you’re a ‘loser’. If you act how you think she wants you to act the more you’ll get bored and the more she wont like you. This is by far the most important tip you need to know! Below you will learn what girls look for in a guy.

Girls look for a good sense of humor in a guy because girls want to feel comfortable, this also works both ways. Girls also want to feel good, relaxed, have fun and a great time. This is why humor is very important if you are going to ever reach a level of relaxation with the company of the girl. Laughter and Humor is about not taking the world or ourselves too seriously so keep on cracking the witty jokes and so long as she laughs and has a good time your doing great!


Girls want a guy who understands them, who listens to what they have to say, listening is very important because most guys generally don’t – so listen up and this can be a great bonus as most girls love guys who listen to them. understanding and acceptance is displayed through many different ways from laughter, conversation, agreements on a various topics and right through to agreements regarding places to visit on dates, drinks to get and what movies to go see etc. It’s all about understanding her, finding the common ground between you and her.


Guys this might be a little surprise but girl’s rank intelligence right up there on the scales for instance a girl finds a guy attractive but she can’t talk to him; the appeal will quickly wear off. This doesn’t mean you have to be scoring all A+’s and waving your report card, rather it is things like being “switched on”, “interesting” being the guy who will spark some intelligent conversation with the girl.


Nearly every girl wants a guy who has a sense of humor, the looks and appearances, every girl wants something different in a guy, something unique according to a physiologist; we are all looking for someone who is similar to us, but with differences that complement us where we lack – which means that you should find a girl who is similar to you, but tidy where you are sloppy and practical where you’re dreamy, and you will probably be the guy of her dreams.


Girls will look for honesty and truth when looking for a potential partner, as guys we know too well that within nearly every guy there is an urge to embellish the truth and talk ourselves up, in a way we are selling ourselves. This is something that should be avoided at all cost – Why? You might ask, simple. If you go too far and say a lot of untrue things these little ‘white lies’ will make the relationship fall apart later down the track as there will be to many inconsistencies. A Girl will be looking to share her quality time with you so be truthful because as they say, “It pays to be honest”.

  • Girls look for
  • Hygiene
  • Respect
  • Set of Values – Be down to earth
  • Friendliness
  • Be Proactive – React positively to the situations
  • Be Outgoing – Don’t be boring

As said at the very beginning, girls look for guys who are themselves and this is the single most important dating tip of them all so be yourself and see what happens!

Start Building Confidence

Women love a guy with confidence it is like a shining aura around a man, the man who has confidence will attract girls around him easily, and this is why confidence is very important in the dating world.

There is one thing you must understand first and this is: being confident is different from being overly confident if you are overly confident you’ll tend to be more annoying and be labeled as the jerk or a cocky type of person by girls and that’s the last thing you want to be doing because it would be turning off girls with your overconfidence.

Don’t be afraid to be your self.
Don’t be afraid of rejection.
Don’t feel a urge to impress people.
Don’t be clingy.

Confidence shows girls that you are in CONTROL. Confidence shows girls that you are in control of your life and anything else about you, it basically portrays you as having everything all together. Also, secretly, girls want a guy to have a little control over them as well because it shows that we are the Dominant Male that all girls are seeking. You need to appear confident in your every move don’t worry even if you are not that confident at the moment you can pretend to be to a certain extent. To appear confident all you have to do is look people in the eyes when they speak to you or when you speak to them, breathe normally and speak nice and paced (don’t talk too fast) – sounds like you know what you are talking about – you are in control.

Things you can do to build more confidence

There are lots of different ways you can help build your confidence up – some things you can do is simply going to the gym working out, you’ll feel better about yourself from all the exercise and improvements you see in the mirror or simply go out to a party having a few drinks, enjoy the night and you’ll get a bit of “liquid courage” to help you approach women. I found that affirmations work very well when trying to get confidence levels up by simply saying “I am a good-looking guy, and girls like me” in your head over and over this will be helping you raise your confidence further – you’ll quickly begin to feel better about yourself. The trick to this is that you need to the persistent and continue saying this affirmation in your head throughout the day, if you don’t give up and continue using your affirmation the wait will definitely be worth it. You’ll notice after using your affirmation over and over your mind will adapt to do it and treat it as a fact further it will be boosting your confidence levels way up.

Some tips to know before making an affirmation

An affirmation should be short, and should get right to the point quickly, make sure to avoid using lengthy words in the affirmation because this will just make your mind think harder, work more and will confuse your mind. Since you are trying to build your confidence up by using an affirmation, avoid having more than one affirmation at a time, this is because if you have more affirmations you’ll just be cluttering things up and slowing down the results.

This technique is great, it works you’ll notice that you can’t actually affect the people directly by your affirmations however you can affect the people around you by your actions and how you act, being in the right mindset is absolutely crucial in the dating world.

Being Prepared to Approach Girls

If you want to get girls, you will have to have many factors working together for you at the right time. The area in which you have the most CONTROL is surprisingly your appearance. It’s been known for hundreds of years that to create chemistry with a girl you have to know exactly how to connect with her emotions. This is where taking excellent care of yourself will quickly trigger a part of her emotions. The beauty of this is you don’t even need to say a word to her and she’ll be already willing to talk to you because you’ve triggered one of her emotions with your improved appearance. Here are some guidelines you can follow for a better appearance.

Exercise consistently

If you are not into shape now you will have a lot of difficulty with appearance because girls go for the athletic look, so you should be working out at least 3 to 5 times a week!

Wear good clothes

Don’t mistake this for wearing Hugo Boss or Armani; simply wear clean clothes that fit your style and body shape. The key here is to find a look and style that fits in with you, if you are skinny don’t go out buying a XXXL football jerseys and huge baggy pants; this will only outline the fact that you are very underweight!

Keep all areas clean

Girls are very perceptive they will notice the smallest details about you so to make sure they notice only the positive things about you make sure to do the following things: Get your haircut regularly, keep all your nails clipped and clean, make sure if you have facial hair its taken care of and looks good – if you have a goatee, then keep it combed! Get a beard trimmer if you have a stubble look and keep it trimmed. Avoid having a uni-brow, go to your mother’s bathroom and find the tweezers. Same deal goes for nose hairs. As far as other body hair goes, I trim everywhere else.

Take care of your skin

Most of the guys I know wash their face with soap and water and that ends right there. I personally like to go in the steam room after I work out, and eat a lot of fruit. You will be surprised; eating healthy makes a huge difference in the way your skin looks. Besides you don’t want to break out with acne or anything the night before a date! If you put these four factors together, you should have a higher self-esteem. This will make you more confident which is half the battle with the girls.

Keep Your Head Up!

Don’t stare at the ground while you walk!

This is one very important tip for bettering your image; every single shy guy must know this. Keeping your head down at the ground while you walk, avoiding eye contact, trying to avoid people is a very powerful body signal that conveys the message that you have very little confidence in yourself. If you’ve been reading the articles on this site you will know that women look for men with confidence – it is one of the most important factors for most women furthermore this is why it’s so important that you become confident!

So instead of staring at the ground while you walk down streets, try making eye contact with strangers, look at people – don’t be afraid! I know this may seem uncomfortable at first and even scary – it will but only in the beginning. Walking with your head up conveys a powerful body language to people around you, it is confidence. Confidence shows that you aren’t afraid to rock the boat a bit and that you are just the right amount of bad boy and not the “shy guy” who doesn’t get any girls.

Whenever you walk follow these very simple steps:

1) Keep that back straight.
2) Raise your chin up.
3) Make eye contact with people.
4) Smile at people.

You will be surprised at the difference this will make in your everyday life; it may even make you a little more confident in yourself which is terrific!

Top 10 Dating Mistakes Men Make

If you are hoping to meet more women in your life then its critical that you do the right things, when it comes to dating, men make many mistakes (many easily avoided) which cost them what could have been a great relationship. Here is a list of common dating mistakes men have a habit of making, make sure you don’t.

1. Arrogance! Yes, women love a man with confidence but there is a fine line between having confidence and being a cocky man. Women don’t care about your popularity, possessions, achievements and successes so don’t brag about yourself you’ll just make a great fool of yourself furthermore she’ll start to loose what interest she had originally!

2. Bad / poor humor – Humor is very important, being able to make a girl laugh is very satisfying and has a powerful positive affect, simply put women like to be around men who can make them laugh and smile. Most men have a different sense of humor to what women have, the common mistake men make is simple – they crack jokes that they are used to saying around their close friends not understanding that their date is most probably on a different ‘wavelength’. So first, second and perhaps even third date test the waters with your humor go easy as you two become more comfortable with each other let your unique sense of humor come out (hopefully you don’t scare her).

3. Mr. Nice Guy – Once again there is a line between being nice and overly nice. Being overly nice and friendly you begin to run the risk of becoming her ‘friend’ and not her boyfriend (this is not a good thing!) The key here is to keep a balance between being friendly and romantic.

4. Looking at other women – This is a serious turn off and a mistake most men cant seem to avoid, you might be thinking she doesn’t know what you are looking at while you stare at a nice rack passing by but trust me she does! And yes, from experience it does drive your chances with her down. Leave glancing of other women when your date is out of sight.

5. Not listening – Listening is high on the list of skills most women want to see in a man they date, I can’t stress this enough listening is very important – The best way for a women to quickly determine if you are worth getting to know better is you’re listening skills. Always try to keep the conversation about her, women love to talk about themselves so remember talking is not listening!

6. Asking for Permission – Women tend to be indecisive and when you are indecisive also you create a problem and a difficult situation, you want to remain in control because you’ve planned the date and no women likes a man who she can walk all over. Women are attracted to men who take charge, believe me she will love you for it.

7. Sharing your feelings too early – Nothing makes a women run in the other direction then this mistake that men make often. Think about it, an attractive women already gets a lot of attention from other men, you need to understand that attractive women are approached several times a day, and dozens of times per week! They’ve dated a lot of men they have experiences and know exactly what to expect. Sharing your feelings too early just signals alarms for her that you are exactly like all the other guys who fall too fast for her.

8. Thinking negatively – Thinking negatively is the worst thing any man can do, you practically handicap yourself. It prevents you from getting out there and meeting women – this is especially the case for men who aren’t rich and have the handsome looks. Thinking negatively about the date is also a no-no, chances are if you think the date will turn out bad it will! The key here is to think positively about yourself and understand this fact: Not all women care about money and looks – there are women out there that want love, true love.

9. Moving too fast – So you paid for her meal and you expect some sort of physical contact because you paid for her… Wrong! If you think buying her meals and paying for the date was going to buy you sex you are wrong and you should definitely change your perspective. Remember about Mistake 3 – its all about having a balance – move along with her pace and make her feel comfortable with you first.

10. Lacking commitment and future ambitions – What I mean by this is what do you plan to do with your life? Do you plan to be a successful business man, a lawyer – what is your ambition? She will want to know if you have potential, if she’s made a ‘good catch’ that she can brag about to her friends (women love doing this). I’m not recommending you lie but think carefully about this, I don’t know many women that want to date men who have no plans in life and are on welfare.

By knowing these mistakes that are commonly made by men in the dating world you can work towards avoiding them by doing so increasing your chances of finding that special someone and meeting even more women.

How to Get a Girlfriend

If you are looking for that special girl this article can help you find her and make her ‘yours’.

Before you can get a girlfriend ask yourself this question “How can I get a girlfriend” – you can’t get a girlfriend sitting here at the computer or T.V that’s for certain. Before you can get a girlfriend you need to know girls, have female friends or be able to meet new friends. How do you do this? Take up an activity join a Volleyball club or gym and meet new and interesting people. They don’t necessarily have to be female friends they can be both – you will quickly learn how powerful networking with friends is, what this is, is basically meeting your friends friends therefore meeting more and more people.

Let’s assume you have your eyes on a particular girl and you like her, the first step to getting a girlfriend is starting to communicate – you need to begin talking to her and getting to know her better. The important things to consider before doing this is listed in the “Dating Basics” article which I strongly recommend you read – the Dating Basics article will provide you with all the fundamental information you need to know to succeed in the dating world. When you talk to her, make sure its ‘fluff talk’ make sure not to talk about nothing serious and avoid sensitive topics such as politics, religion etc on the first approach.

Yes! I said, approach – to get a girlfriend you must be somewhat confident in approaching girls and starting small talk if you have trouble doing this, I suggest you read the “Start Building Confidence” and “Approaching Girls” articles they will help you greatly in this crucial step of approaching women. So you’ve approached her did some small talk now what? You might have not known but, always try to keep the conversation short and leave at the climax of the conversation. Think about it – If you talk for 20 minutes soon you’ll run out of things to talk about and make the situation become awkward and boring for her. So leave at the height of the conversation – making her want more! Before you leave, make sure you got her number.

So far so good, you’ve approached her successfully the conversation went good what next? Remember her number you got off her? Don’t call her just yet! You don’t want to seem desperate this means waiting two or three days before calling, and when you do call make sure to have a few topics of discussion to talk about; A good idea before making the first call is jotting down some discussion topics on some paper and keep it beside you for reference – nobody likes those awkward silences so do your best to avoid them. Finish off by asking her out on a date, you don’t have to be very direct perhaps ask her to have a coffee or lunch with you later in the week, don’t schedule something too early because she might be busy and make sure the date set appeals to her.
At this point you’ll probably be a little anxious but not to worry – assuming you’ve scheduled the date a little later in the week you have plenty of time to look good! You want to present yourself nicely, you want to look good and smell nice. Women love a man who grooms himself well and takes care of his appearance, so make sure you have clean clothes, decent cologne and nice hair before you meet her. On D-Day don’t panic be calm and relaxed and most importantly be yourself – women are extremely good at determining these things! I could write all day about what to do on the first date but I’m not, I’m going to make it simple for you. The less you have to think and worry about the better the evening will be, be calm, fun and interesting keep the conversation about her as much as possible have a pre-prepared list of topics you can discuss to avoid silences in your head and once again avoid sensitive subjects/topics. I strongly suggest you read the “Dating Basics” article on this site which will give you good advice about what to do and what not to do on a date.

And there it is, How to get a girlfriend in under a page. Yes, I know it’s a lot easier said than done that’s why it’s very important that you follow through with your plan to approach that special girl, because if you don’t approach her you are simply flushing down what could have been a great relationship if only you took the opportunity to talk to her. As the saying goes “A journey begins with a single step” That initial step is overcoming your fears of rejection and living life.